How to Make the Best First Impression

When you think about the first impression, everyone wants to make the best out of it. It always feels like you need to impress on the first time you meet someone new. Mostly because it does have a great impact on the rapport created between that person and you for the rest of your lives if you will be seeing more of them on a daily basis. However, it doesn’t really matter even if you won’t be seeing the person again; the point is that the first impression always has an impact on the way people will perceive you.

The truth about the first impression

Whether you like it or not, people will always judge you within the first few seconds of a meet. It doesn’t concern other people the kind of person you are deep down, they judge by what they see. What are you wearing? How have you accessorized? What is your facial expression when they look at you? The smallest and the most irrelevant of things is what they will use to create a picture of you in their mind. Often, you will not be prepared to present yourself in the best manner to people if it was an impromptu meet. As much as you would love to turn the hands of time and make it right, it wouldn’t really change much and a second impression doesn’t really have as much impact as the first one does.

How to make the best first impression on sudden occasions

It is not uncommon for someone to approach from nowhere. At this juncture, not much is usually running through your mind, and the need to impress is never really carefully thought. However, most people always nail it, and it creates a conducive relationship for friendship even more. What’s ideal here is that people aren’t afraid to show who they are to the outer world, and don’t work themselves off trying to impress. Sometimes, trying too much can be the killer for how you express yourself. On the other hand, being cool and putting a smile will do justice to your first appearance, to the outside world.

The best impression in a business setup

It’s always nice to create a good picture before your employer and colleagues. It boosts your working confidence and gives you the morale to push yourself and be the best. Needless say, you create a good relationship with the people whom you will be seeing more of on a daily basis. If you need to make the best impression in a business setup, then you need to show why you want to be there and show that you can be a hard worker. The aim here is not to pose as a competition to those who’ve been there before you but to show that you can be reliable and you really know the ins and outs of what is required to be done. However, it’s not everyone who will come to the terms of it, and you won’t give the best impression to everyone. The important thing though is to be yourself and love what brought you there.

Making a great first impression with friends

Friends are a mere reflection of who we really are. You can only connect with people you have a more understanding with and share common things. People who approach you to acquit themselves with you, means the first impression they got from you is something they are already familiar with themselves or with close friends. The best thing about making a great first impression is that there are no boundaries and you can do so at any level you feel comfortable with. The setup doesn’t really matter because the result is always the same. Whether at a party, in an office, out and about, making friends is always fun. When it comes to making first impressions with friends of a friend, then it would be fine to make a better first impression because you don’t know them well enough. To change that though, you can connect with to achieve your intentions.

Tips to making a great impression anytime

To make sure that you hit the nail on the head, there are a few pointers that will help you add value to the first impression you exhibit. They include;

 Have an intention: this basically involves what you are looking forward to achieving. Be aware of the people you would like to make acquaintances with and the kind of conversations you would like to exchange with them.

 Be conscious of your grooming: your dress code speaks a lot on your behalf, to impress with your wear and accessories, you need to be impressed by it too. Depending on the occasion, make sure you dress to fit in and not to attract attention.

 Good body language: confidence is an important thing when making a first impression. This applies to how you stand, how you walk, how you carry yourself around, all this make a huge impact to other people than you would think.

 Be interested and interesting: if you are looking to make acquaintances, then show you really are into it and be interesting enough to get the same from the other people. Be nice when approaching others and converse. However, it is important to choose on the right kind of talk, and let the other person speak as well.

 Be yourself: among all other factors to consider, this is the most important and powerful of them all. There is no need to hide who you are to other people, show your true colors and let their impression be based on that.

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