Financial Landscape Changes Starts With The Individual

We have the ability to reshape the Economy in our wallets..

“Do not spend all your strength to make money.”

— Lailah Gifty Akita

The financial crisis in regards to consumer spending that the U.S. and much of the first world nations face can be mitigated at some level. First, lets point out the fact that the there is a huge difference in spending between generations. Second lets identify the main characters in consumer spending.

What Millennials(Gen-Y) and Gen-Z are spending on essentials items such as housing, transportation, education is statistically proven to be much higher than that of their predecessors Gen-x and Baby boomers. Studies show that the rate of pay for younger generations has all but flat lined over time while inflation as taken a sharp upward curve just before Gen-Y became adults.

Look, we all know that these issues cannot be solved over night. Especially since there is yet another economic bubble that is about to burst in the hands of both Gen-Y and Gen-Z adults: Student Loan Debt. What we can do, however, is stop this never ending cycle in it’s tracks. This, we now have the power to do as power wealth and influence falls in the hands of younger generations. Financial revolution starts at the individual level.

Welcome to yet another community that is ready and geared towards making smarter financial choices daily. We will share our experiences, financial education, and also financial upsets. All with the purpose of forming flexible financial strategies.

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