We Are In A Recession, Now What?

So the Feds are about one emergency meeting away from calling our current state of things an official recession. They announced Sunday March 15, 2020 that rates will be dropping to near zero. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) lowered the federal funds rate to a target range between 0-0.25 percent. It’s the largest emergencyContinue reading “We Are In A Recession, Now What?”

4 Tips on Prioritizing Debt Payoff and Savings

We all want to be more responsible with our money. While that sounds great in theory, it can get confusing once you start to break things down. Emergency funds, savings funds and debt all need to be addressed regularly, but trying to figure out a consistent method leaves some paralyzed with indecision. One of theContinue reading “4 Tips on Prioritizing Debt Payoff and Savings”

Home Buyer’s Guide: What to expect at closing

What to Bring With You “Closing” is the final step in buying your new home and you may feel some anxiety in not knowing what to expect. You may worry that somehow, someone is now unexpectedly going to tell you “no.” The truth is, the closing meeting wouldn’t be scheduled at all unless the decisionsContinue reading “Home Buyer’s Guide: What to expect at closing”

Home Buyer’s Guide: Understanding your Mortgage payment

The Five Key Parts Making your mortgage payment is a lot like paying your rent. It provides you with a place to live and is probably the biggest check you write every month. However, your mortgage payment is very different. It feels like one lump sum, but is made up of five key elements: PrincipalContinue reading “Home Buyer’s Guide: Understanding your Mortgage payment”