Home Buyers Guide: Mortgage Application Checklist

Essential Documentation If house hunting is the fun part of buying a new home, then getting your documents together for your mortgage application is probably the least fun part. We know. But it’s an essential step that every home buyer goes through. The Basics A valid driver license or other government-issued photo identification Date ofContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Mortgage Application Checklist”

Home Buyers Guide: The Buyer Agent

Your Key Advisor You might not know this, but most real estate agents represent both sellers and buyers — just not on the same transaction. We’re used to seeing real estate agents putting up yard signs, hosting open houses and sending around postcards — all with the idea of selling a house they’ve just listed.Continue reading “Home Buyers Guide: The Buyer Agent”

Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified

This might hit you as a strange bit of advice — but, if you want to find the home of your dreams, don’t go house hunting. At least not at first. Instead, get prequalified for a mortgage loan. Here’s seven reasons why: It Can Save You a Lot of Frustration – Homebuyers can often spendContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified”

0%APR-The Only Time You Should Finance A Car!

When we choose to finance a car, we are telling ourselves a number of things. First, we are saying to ourselves that we want something expensive, but may not have the ability to buy it cash. Second, we are say that paying for it over time while throwing money in interest at the bank isContinue reading “0%APR-The Only Time You Should Finance A Car!”