About Us

Hello, I’m Jem! Welcome to our community for personal finance discussion from the consumer aspect. The goal here is to provide as much free information about person finance from both the consumer and the business points of view.

I worked for Citi Group from 2008-2012. As we all know this was the time when we “the consumer” bailed out large companies, Citi Group included.

What’s import to know and learn from, is that we as taxpayers and consumers were 1/2 of the problem with our economic downturn. This site will focus on actionable items that we can do to prevent another collapse and become recession proof.

After some thought, advice, and consideration, the solution presented itself as if it was there all along.. education and information availability!

We all learn from our experiences, but how often do we share it. Especially when its sensitive subjects, such as financial upset. I personally have had bad credit, and debt, throughout my 20’s and fixed it, and turned around for a time then ruined it again. Many of us have had disruptive events occur that make these things almost unavoidable.

Now my in mid 30’s I have a much better grasp of the whole economy and where I fit in it. De-mystifying how personal finance should be in the modern era is my personal goal for this site. I hope our experiences give a leg up to the next generation because I doubt personal finance will be included in public education systems anytime soon.

Thanks so much for following along here! I hope I can provide a few insights to a recession proof future for you and your families.

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