Home Buyers Guide: The Buyer Agent

Your Key Advisor You might not know this, but most real estate agents represent both sellers and buyers — just not on the same transaction. We’re used to seeing real estate agents putting up yard signs, hosting open houses and sending around postcards — all with the idea of selling a house they’ve just listed.Continue reading “Home Buyers Guide: The Buyer Agent”

Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified

This might hit you as a strange bit of advice — but, if you want to find the home of your dreams, don’t go house hunting. At least not at first. Instead, get prequalified for a mortgage loan. Here’s seven reasons why: It Can Save You a Lot of Frustration – Homebuyers can often spendContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified”

Home Buyers Guide: The Down Payment

Understanding and preparing for the down payment is an important step toward buying a home. What is a down payment? A down payment is not unique to the mortgage loan process. If you’ve ever bought a new car, for example, you’ve probably made a down payment. The down payment on your home is the amountContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: The Down Payment”

Home Buyers Guide: Credit Worthiness

When you get prequalified for a mortgage loan or fill out a mortgage application, lenders will ask for permission to pull your credit reports — and they’ll take a look at your credit score. Even if they may take the middle highest score it’s still a great idea to make sure all three reflect theContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Credit Worthiness”