Minimalism Series: Bathroom Essentials

After moving from a two bedroom apartment to a smaller one bedroom unit, I quickly realized I had been hording bathroom items. At some point, I decided to start the purge with the bathroom. It kind of makes sense since it’s the place where I spend the least amount of time. I liked the ideaContinue reading “Minimalism Series: Bathroom Essentials”

Top 5 Smart Home Devices That Will Help You Save

It’s easy to just set up automatic payments on our bills and not think twice about them; but when it comes to our dreaded monthly energy bills, there are a ton of things we can do to cut costs. I was looking for some innovative tools to help a client manage their air bnb, andContinue reading “Top 5 Smart Home Devices That Will Help You Save”

6 Awesome Financial Apps You Should Know About

Top 6 Apps for building your money tree Making money, budgeting, paying off debt, building credit, expense tracking, investing, all add to the dizzying array of financial chores we all could use help managing. You can manage money on the go these days with helps of these very useful apps. We Urbanites tend to leaveContinue reading “6 Awesome Financial Apps You Should Know About”