Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified

This might hit you as a strange bit of advice — but, if you want to find the home of your dreams, don’t go house hunting. At least not at first. Instead, get prequalified for a mortgage loan. Here’s seven reasons why: It Can Save You a Lot of Frustration – Homebuyers can often spendContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified”

Home Buyers Guide: The Down Payment

Understanding and preparing for the down payment is an important step toward buying a home. What is a down payment? A down payment is not unique to the mortgage loan process. If you’ve ever bought a new car, for example, you’ve probably made a down payment. The down payment on your home is the amountContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: The Down Payment”

Home Buyers Guide: Credit Worthiness

When you get prequalified for a mortgage loan or fill out a mortgage application, lenders will ask for permission to pull your credit reports — and they’ll take a look at your credit score. Even if they may take the middle highest score it’s still a great idea to make sure all three reflect theContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Credit Worthiness”

Home Buyers Guide: How much can you afford?

For this segment we are going to focus on 2 simple rules of thumb, but more importantly the better-spending recommendations. We really want to hone in on the numbers here. It’s easy to assume you can afford the same type of home your friends have. But that may or may not be true. You andContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: How much can you afford?”