Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified

This might hit you as a strange bit of advice — but, if you want to find the home of your dreams, don’t go house hunting. At least not at first. Instead, get prequalified for a mortgage loan. Here’s seven reasons why: It Can Save You a Lot of Frustration – Homebuyers can often spendContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Getting Prequalified”

Home Buyers Guide: Benefits of Home Ownership

Welcome, Home Buyers! This is part 1 of the 10 part Better Spending Home buyers guide. We will try to get you familiarized with the ins and outs of the home buying experience. For many of us buying real estate can be the most expensive purchase we make in our entire lifetime. Its important thatContinue reading “Home Buyers Guide: Benefits of Home Ownership”

Does FICO’s new scoring model affect student loans or mortgages?

You will soon see a change in your credit scores. Expect these changes to go into effect summer 2020. For some, scores will take a dive, while others will rise. The new scoring model does not target people with existing mortgages or student loans. It instead targets your payment habits, with credit cards in particular.Continue reading “Does FICO’s new scoring model affect student loans or mortgages?”